2015-2016 A Series Of Discussions On The Civil Society Issues In The “Latvian Speaking Club” In Daugavpils

In order to improve Latvian language skills and to discuss topical issues of the contemporary society, the “Intelligence Park” invites Daugavpils citizens to engage in a free series of discussions on civil society issues in the “Latvian Speaking Club” in Daugavpils!

Discussions with integrated elements for improving the skills of the Latvian language will be held at the premises of Daugavpils University, Vienības Street 13, during working days. They will be provided by highly qualified educators with extensive work experience, using modern methods and interactive forms of work. The schedule of classes will be suited to the needs of the discussion participants after the groups are formed.

The discussion series is being implemented within the framework of the project of the Programme of Small Grants of the US Embassy in Riga “A Series of Discussions on Civil Society Issues in the “Latvian Speaking Club in Daugavpils”, S-LG750-15-GR-087.

Within the framework of the discussion series envisaged in the project, through the discussion, the public will be educated on various issues of civil society: tolerant coexistence of different nationalities, religions, stereotypes, “the different”, minorities, ecological thinking, gender equality, people with special needs, active citizenship in attitude towards events in local governments and the state, the geopolitical situation in Latvia, the formation of a common understanding of history, art, culture, etc. In order to promote the integration of minority representatives and to improve the Latvian language skills of the participants, discussions will take place in the Latvian language within the framework of the “Latvian Speaking Club”.

The project “A Series of Discussions on Civil Society Issues” in the “Latvia Speaking Club in Daugavpils”, Grant Agreement No. S-LG750-15-GR-087, is financially supported by the US Embassy in Riga.