2015 The Different Is Beside Us

The society of DU Faculty of Humanities “Intelligence Park” and the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences together with the Swedish Institute in Sweden and the Swedish Embassy in Latvia organized a series of scientific transfer events “The Different is beside Us” on 23-27 November, 2015.

The series of events was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the book “Pippy Longstocking” by the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, with the idea to learn Swedish culture, to compare Latvian and Swedish lifestyles. The aim of the events was to create an understanding of the processes of cultural communication and to give an idea of the Swedish and Latvian cultural contacts to a broad audience: students, teachers, pupils, children and other interested individuals.

DU held several thematic activities: contests for preschoolers, pupils and students; Swedish Film Festival; exhibitions, seminars, workshops; meeting with a Swedish writer and translator Bengt Jangfeldt, with Carina Milde, a curator of the museum of the Swedish cartoonist Everta Karlsson (EWK), etc.

Preschoolers, students of primary, basic and secondary school levels as well as university students had an opportunity to take part in several contests:

  • drawing contest “My Pippy and Other Unordinary Children in Literature”;
  • photography contest “The Different is beside Us”;
  • short film contest “The Different is beside Us”;
  • scientific work contest “The Different in Latvian and Swedish Literature”.