2019-2020 Integration Bridge

Since July 1, 2019, Daugavpils University Lifelong Learning, Culture, and Science Communication Society “Intellect Park” has started the realization of the Grant Agreement No. PMIF/8/2019/2/02 of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund programme“Integration bridge”.

The general objective of the Grant Agreement No. PMIF/8/2019/2/02 of the project “Integration bridge”, is to encourage the third-country nationals who have come to Latvia and legally live on its territory inclusion in the Latvian society.

The specific objective of the project is to provide the integration activities that encourage immigrant inclusion in the Latvian society, their realization in an informal environment, engaging third-country nationals in the integration courses, the language speakers club and in various socialization activities which promotes intercultural communication, dialogue, and co-operation with the local society.

The time of project implementation: 01.07.2019. – 31.12.2020.

Project Partner: Daugavpils University

Project manager: Maija Burima

Project funding: 84 404, 37 EUR

Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (75%) and the Latvian state budget (25%)

The Project is implemented with the financial support of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

Lifelong learning, culture and research communication society “Intellect Park” of Daugavpils University is responsible for the contents of this publication


Published 01/07/2019