About us

Daugavpils University Lifelong Learning, Culture, and Science Communication Society “Intelekta parks”

Address: Vienības street13, Daugavpils, LV-5401, 313. room.

E-mail: intelekta.parks@inbox.lv

Registered: 13th of December, 2011

Reg. number. 40008187126

Bank account number: LV92RIKO0002013248096


  1. To promote sustainable development of Latvian society and the processes of self-organization of the Latvian diaspora in relation to global, social and cultural processes that are based on the availability of qualitative, adequate education for individual self-realization and development for lifetime irrespective of gender, race, religious affiliation, social or economic conditions.
  2. To engage in national policies for maintaining the connection between Latvian public and the diaspora. Strengthen the sense of belonging to Latvia; ensure the preservation of national identity, civic and social cultural participation and motivated return to Latvia.
  3. To promote the exchange of knowledge and experience between different segments of society in terms of ageing (juniors, seniors, children, etc.), provide skills that ensure integration in dynamic global processes of certain innovations in different areas of social and cultural life.
  4. To develop strategies and modern solutions for improving the quality of education, formation of open and inclusive environment; targeted use of new technologies and training methods for lifelong learning.


  1. Implementation of educational, cultural and scientific communication projects in the field of lifelong learning for the development of active knowledge of society in Latvia and diaspora.
  2. Initiation of initiatives by children, young people, adults and seniors; promotion of cooperation and exchange of knowledge, support for development of the previously mentioned processes.
  3. Diagnosis of the questions focused on the tolerance of different national and ethnic communities, their cooperation, and integration of minorities; finding solutions to the questions within the framework of projects.
  4. Development of events and projects for the promotion of cooperation between Latvia, Baltic and European regions in the field of education, science and cultural communications in Latvia and diaspora.
  5. Projects and events for the operation of democracy, strengthening the rule of law for Latvia as a part of the European Union, what is a part of the community of democratic and free countries.
  6. Organisation of activities for strengthening the mutual tolerance of individuals of society regardless of gender, age, nationality and sexual orientation.
  7. Maintaining the circulation of knowledge for the use of scientific communication methodology to increase the level of public sociocultural competence.
  8. Development and provision of programs, modules of programs, courses and lecture cycles of the Society "Intelekta parks" ("Park of Intellect").
  9. Organization of lectures on languages, arts, courses on theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, workshops, seminars and lectures.