2016 Daugavpils Citizens For Daugavpils!

In April 2016, DU Society “Intelligence Park” launched the project “Daugavpils Citizens for Daugavpils!” (ID No. 1.23). The aim of the project is to research, popularize and preserve cultural memories and artefacts of Daugavpils inhabitants for future generations. During the project, many outstanding Daugavpils citizens who have made a vivid contribution to the history of the city and represent various fields: medicine, business, public safety or the sphere of service, industry, construction, literature, art, music, education, culture, will be interviewed.

As a result of the implementation of the project “Daugavpils Citizens for Daugavpils!”, the collection of audiovisual testimonies and segmented records of the oral history of the development of Daugavpils will be collected, processed and saved for future generations. During the project, the processing, segmentation and preparation for digitization of 10 audiovisual units of the recorded interviews will be carried out for the e-museum “Vitamemoriae”. Through the e-museum, the results of the project will be available to Daugavpils residents, interested individuals, historians and social anthropologists from around the world.

The project is implemented with the co-financing of the programme of Daugavpils City Council “Support Fund for Public Organizations”.

Project Manager – Maija Burima.

Project implementation time: 02.05.2016 – 12.12.2016.